What is Food Relief?

Food Relief is the provision of food parcels to people experiencing financial hardship.

What does MCNC provide?

  • Food parcels.
  • Fruit and vegetables (when available)
  • Information, Referrals and Advocacy
  • Assistance in contacting organisations and completing forms/ documentation

What should I bring?

Identification with a current address which verifies that you reside in our catchment area, as well as your medicare card identifying number of dependants.

Who can access Food Relief?

Individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship or crisis.

People accessing Food Relief at the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre must reside on the Cairns Northern Beaches.

Appointment only

Eligible clients can access Food Relief up to 3 times per calendar year, with a minimum of 3 months between visits.

Appointments take place each Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1pm. Call on Thursday for a Monday appointment and Monday for a Wednesday appointment. Please note: Appointments are limited!

To make an appointment contact the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre on 4055 6440.

The Neighbourhood Centre is committed to assisting all people experiencing financial hardship but is restricted to catchment area and subject to availability.